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Ok Don’t stop, flow River you promised, to go Why then drown the banks? Why are you so slow Flow

I now face you

Don’t stop Continue your aggression Who knows wax may melt Coat all the papers Written with curses Lest they ever get dissolved In rain of kindness Saner moments Are yours Insanity is my turf Let me walk there

Will it matter if the peaks surrender

Don’t know If it ever matters Whether peaks surrender or valleys River must flow It must find its way So what If some banks give way Some eyes make wind sway I hope You too hope

withered leaves will not complain

will all the withered leaves bent branches of trees in my garden whispers of breeze, hesitant, but resolute i dont have any thing more to say silence has taken over like a wornout shawl trying to cover on old night a soul, which has overused the time given by nature, so bye let leaves dry [...]

when will i be able to explain enough

no matter how hard i try no matter how many leaves i gather, dry to manure your roots you remain for ever distraught you remain in the world of ‘ought’ how do i let you float in the so painstakingly made boat