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a boat lost in the deep sea

a boat lost in the deep sea was discovered by you o wanderer in the jungle of waves nonchalant but sure that its destination will find it somehow

Why rush

Look around, so many trees bending to touch us, embrace us, why are we in rush then, for what? Is that a cry In wilderness Or we have forgotten To just Laugh

It may rain soon

Rake the grains slowly Sun is about to set It may rain There is forecast of a storm Will you still defy Don’t Accept what clouds tell Lest you wander in the sky Like a lone meteorite About to fall Anytime to fall

Don’t be so strong

Like a rock You withstood Onslaught of curious gazes As if the impervious Layer Had Enclosed a tender sprout About to grow But hesitant to let tendrils Wind around the spine Of a cactus growing on the Rock

Don’t let me in

I see in your eyes Hunger for a revolution But why are you waiting For a spark to be ignited By me I can be within you If you let me But don’t let me in It might become Very difficult for you Then not to explode

when too far is too close

why do we make such resolutions when too far seems too close but then we tie ourselves in the knots brown pink red deep down caves of craving slimy mold tiny tenuous link to hold a fragile promise willing to break will we