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why do we tie knots

when do we tie our smiles in knots even a simple moment to stare and dare a smile becomes a burden why are knots so nice to cocoon thoughts that you are so deeply seized of

The last song

Like the worn out strings of a sitar Resonance is still there But in a fragile air Don’t lose the touch If strings are token Music then wil still flow From the fire In which will burn The wood of sitar In string wind Making sounds of the lady Dong I composed for you

A flower in the desert

Like a flower In the desert You don’t need my permission To blossom Just unfold Just unfold Dint remind me That you had told Irrepressible flight of a bird Will unfold Aroma of the soup of mold Grown on Maize corn

Come closer

Come closer Lest you complain that Hard of hearing I Missed the music Beats of a symphony That was played in the quiet of the night Come closer

One to one

Tips of our noses Met Tactile tension Made the lotus leaf Contain drops of dew By not letting these drops roll What were you trying Weere your eyes prying The secrets of tensions in a lake That was about to dry in a few weeks

Hold my flowers

Hold these flowers If you can Before they fall down And gather dust May be you will keep a few petals in selected places In that book of stories You were writing To remind you of broken words Untied knots And scattered smiles Like an exploded deaf star