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Don’t drool over the dusky shades

Don’t drool over the dusky shades The evening is still to pass The uncertain ties in the game are not getting resolved sooner Don’t give up Try To be patient Who knows the Starry night May hold some surprise You may actually get What you wish Let time pass through The whorl of your hairs [...]

I will reflect

I will reflect On the things that I let pass by And also on things That trapped me Like A tie But knots will unravel The twists of a stream Saving all the pebbles And of grief All the gravel

Do I feel too much

I feel too much She said I asked What is too much The tea spilling over the brim Or tears unable to respect The edges of the lake But will silt of stillness Fertilisers the soil of sadness? Sanctity of silence Sprouted in your garden Will sustain When too much becomes Just enough May be

if you are a tailor

If you are a tailor Of ties That don’t end up Into knots You are wanted here If you are a tailor Who does Not Have a stitch More Or less Than most necessary, Then you are needed here If you are a tailor Who doesn’t complain When stitches some Time come out Because my [...]