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be quiet

be quiet talk with in who knows the whispers of her song may get lost in the voice of her steps if the fallen leaves crackle too much listen be quiet


why should i say any thing wasn’t it agreed that when the wind will move the curtains i will let it waver lest shadows become still and the word acquire density such that they settle in the cup of tea instead of floating and may not overflow over the brim


i am aware that a dialogue was needed but could not take place i didn’t want to puncture the sails of the boat in which you wanted to cross the sea

why, just why,

The drops of sticky dew Are not willing to dry Rays of sun are insisting that they fly Why are we not willing to be silent When the window sails are asking Why

is spring around

I said no, when u wanted to hear yes Is that the reason Why bark of the tree is wrinkled And the branches are bending down Flowering is delayed But the spring is around

a traveller is resting now

dont look at the wall i am taking a little rest after along journey, in the woods of pine you decided to walk your way which is just fine let me wash all the stains of love left behind by the ploughs, sickles and tyne