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purple is the colour

purple is the colour of the flowers that bloomed when clouds were stingy and moved away come sit down said the breeze to the sprouts in rush to grow before senescence sets in

dont bemoan the decay

dont bemoan the decaying bark of a fallen tree new sprouts old scars when will mist assimilate multiple destinies

dont promise too much to walk along

dont promise too much o shadow to walk along with me on this curved path too long fallen leaves have paved the milky way with stars fallen from your eye when the earnest gaze was settled at a peak too high

corpses of caring sighs

you are so stubborn said the river to the rock but then it only smiled knew that river was joking when it desires nothing is left absolved of its fury breaking the armour of arrogance sprouting seeds of strange valour it disarms the waves lets rocks laugh and smile for a while who knows, how [...]

aroma of the arms

fragile flowers dont let them dry who knows when will sky cry the aroma of the arms that engulfed a bit of moon is not mine any more is it (not)sure dont ask why