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Waves went astray

Standing at the door In the middle of night You looked Down Looked up Turned around And went away The sails of a boat Could not hold sway Storm subsided Waves went astray

cracks wrought

dont knock i m moving on without waiting for the clouds to declare drought whether it is, or ought i doubt you seem to know so clearly dont recall the cracks wrought

The mirror of soul

Swollen lips Cracked toes Have you walked in the cold desert too long Spring is not too far But trees need a little manuring Will you let dried leaves decompose Don’t burn them Ash will not illuminate The mirror of soul May be it will remind You to finish the pending chores Before you row [...]

sabra hi kar leta to kya toofano se dosti kar paata

sabra hi kar leta to kya toofano se dosti kar paata kisee bewafa badal ke nakhrey itney seh paata tumhari shikayaton ke lihaf mein chain ki neend kya do pal so paata sabra kar leta aao chalo ab is bandhan ko todey kisee door se aatee awaaz ke saath sur jodey kya pata kisney is [...]

bekaboo lehron ki bhanwar mein

Bekaaboo lehron ki bhanwar mein, kaash main ghul jaata Thoda mitata, Thoda pista Thoda khud ke kareeb aa jaata Lekin lehron ne kab kubool kiya hai meri duaon ko Uno meri udhadi udhadi se jindagi Se baney mastool kabhi raas nahin aayey Unki angdayi, aur meri ruswai Yahi ab falsafa sa ban gaya hai Ek [...]

stars, lake, and sparkling reflections

where are the reflections which made your eyes twinkle are they wrapped under the smiles of the waves triggered by the stone you threw in the lake or have they been sapped by the stars that still light the way on which you walk may it sustain no matter what gives pleasure or pain