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When I was in pain

When I was in pain I was born again You sculpted me afresh In the rain When I was in pain The clay dissolved The North Star moved A bit away From its well settled Position, it held its sway Now I m here In pain again Why have I suffered The redeeming healing Is [...]

do you miss it.., you asked

Do I miss that You ask In a yellow cafe With blue curtains Set amidst a trove of palms Most are tall But some might have Sprouted Recently May be a few years ago They are still trying to Gather Enough haughty strength To bear with storms May be in a desert Of desires To [...]

reflection in a broken mirror

distances could not drive the fear out of a black small cat she remained still under a window half open as if light had got tired of remaining inside so started filtering out slowly just as curtain moved and wind blew it away i could see clearly the reflection of a broken mirror on that [...]

said the falcon

peaks are assailable now said the falcon and a storm took off but like a love and hate relationship between creativity and Skill her wings flapped, and then faltered her dreams had not foreseen a avalanche so severe that all the fences that farmer had built at the base of the mountain will give way [...]

in a lake of tears, embryo swims

embryo of love was so sure green as it was but devoid of any doubt it embarked upon its own journey in a maze of sounds lights and touches all over but it needed to swim in a lake of tears which had washed the steps of the temple where purity was worshipped will you [...]

dont draw red lines only

all was in sync but then something held you back from giving your best was it a desire to explore new avenues or just a wish to explore avenues for flying too high but then all layers are in sync again dont draw too many red lines blues are ok, pink will do too may [...]

On a platter

wasted tears spent years why would one scatter all the rays when the white sun was served on a platter

Stolen Childhood: greatest robbery of this century

Stolen Childhood: greatest robbery of this century There couldn’t be a more opportune moment for remembering millions of children who toil in cotton fields, brick making Bhatta, construction industry, roadside dhabas and restaurants and above all, houses of the the elites. Restoring Childhood ought to be the first priority of any civilised nation. Nobel peace [...]

voice of children in chain

when the prayers are in vain the struggles of the lost souls demands many more lamps to be lighted the children who lost the innocence before they knew what it was to be carefree are not going to wait indefinitely like a swarm of locusts they will devour all tbe flowers you tend in your [...]


Generosity When every good turn Is returned with scorn And indifference, Negligence And Contempt And you continue trying