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indifferent moss

dont entangle me in your arms said the creeper bent branches and turned paths but moss was indifferent wind was itinerant and i could not stay still either now, the home is empty and i am looking at the stars and a moon which made a baby cry last night she wasnt able to reach [...]


like a benign tumour i will not remove you completely from my body listen walk see observe laugh but cleverness will not last very long some day some body will tell you that calculus of this kind does not last very long so dance till weather is good and friends take you out in a [...]

marks of a hard grip

far above the clouds, amidst some trees there was a small hut on the top of the hills where i was waiting for you to come and hold my hand and take me to that blissful valley where apple trees dont need to be protected any more where springs flow without caring about the stubborn [...]

a ray of hope indeed

a ray of hope is all that it takes to sustain the wish to remain humane even when not every one can reciprocate not every one can comprehend not every one can even be responsible

manure of their dreams

little that one needs rock offers and all the greenness emanates unhinged from lack of sufficiency may this be your Grace Maa Kaali we all build upon a little that we have still with us from all that you gave us and let others’ dreams flourish may we become manure of their dream your blessings

marigold flowers

why would someone throw away the beautiful flowers because these are tied with a string which was used for tying a corpse of memories that could not be buried and hence was found floating on a river like a discarded garland of marigold flowers

is it that i ask for too much

why should each ballon burst just when i think it will fly so high that i will be able to listen to the whispers of clouds dark, unsure, but willing to embrace the rays of a tired sun why do these sprouts fall short of my expectations is it that i ask for too much [...]

why do we not clean inside

we brush,take bath and dust our shelves often why should we let dust outside be so visible and keep inner dust obscure why not meditate spend just a few moments with our inner self may be it will clean up and empty the vessel to receive the new Grace else anguish and pettiness will fill [...]

can we grow their seeds again

broken vase wasn’t an issue any more it can be built again but what about the flowers you collected can we grow their seeds again can we make the bed again without caring about accounts of who loses and who will gain

flowers envy the weeds

when the boundaries of a beautiful garden are broken because flowers envy the weeds one doesn’t know whose place is taken by whom let us celebrate the new definitions