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go, just go

solo flight nobody to navigate, no connection to the ground let me take off far above the visible sky i want to go beyond the light do i have that much might? i want to grow, beyond the tallest oak tree and then lat me roots take off like a space rocket off to a [...]

i will let you go, o my little empty sky

i will let you go, because that is the only way to show that i care, there is nothing to declare there is no tear to wipe any more there is no swollen eye there is only a hole in the sky pour whatever pain you can through it pour it o, my dear empty [...]

dont argue, when there is nothing to deny

dont argue when there is nothing to deny just say, whatever there is to say, say afterall, i didnot leave the sail of the boat punctured i did not ask, why, i dont not ask why dont argue where is nothing to deny, say, say, dont just heave a deep sigh why did i see [...]

dont deny the discovery

there were many temples on the street you paused and prayed in front of many and that displeased the Goddess Kaali she asked are u not confident of my blessings? then go to the doors which assure you of benign future now you wonder, where did you do mistake praying at many doors is ok [...]

Don’t look into my eyes

Don’t look into my eyes I m not sure any more If I can mask What you see now or may see in future Fold back the envelop Go to the post office Send the letter I will not wait for it Don’t look into my eyes I m not sure

somewhere, sometime

spring time is over, summer is setting in new leaves were waiting for rains but now they dont care the intriguing shower of drops of love should not distract from teh summer heat we willwalk through the farms and deserts and hopefully discover the cactii in bloom somewhere sometime

Soak soak soak

No hurt No matter How curt Will flow the river So what If u don’t understand No no We must try to understand Pauses in life Don’t mean Full stop Move on Move in Move out Life is never still Fire on one front Can have rain on another Soak soak soak Still

In being oneself

Don’t dissolve All the salt Lest it resembles tears Hard to swallow And harder to let flow Just dance Sing And absorb the momentary Joy In being oneself

students, teachers and the forgotten lessons

when teachers come to the class they dont always know if all the students are meant to be there they share what they know doubts, dissonance, and disbelief but do they always succeed no, they can not do better than what a carpenter does who is asked to shape the wood which has many eyes [...]

sunao, kuchh shabd aisey

sunao kuchh shabd asiey, ki man behley jo bhi rukey hueyen hain barso se andar hi andar, aansoo wo bhi behley sunao kami to na thi kisee baat ki, phir shikayat kaisee koi karz bhi nahin manga, to phir kifayat kaisee jo tha, wo diya, phir kya ab, unkahi saari baat kehley sunao tum chup [...]