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Joy of being free

Let joy of being free Of bondages of expectations, responsibility and restraints Be yours now Enjoy And don’t complain that Constraints exist no more Find the shores Which nurture your desire To be free Of dreams That had become burden So what if they brought you here In the first place

Destroying the nests

O bird I made so many nests for you You broke all of them I wouldn’t have minded If you had found a better one But you didn’t Destroying what you had Leaves you Uncovered And you still believe It is the wind To blame For not letting you settle In what you You thought [...]

Empty cup

My cup was empty And you filled it A few Times But sometimes You poured your tears Which were Not genuine Sometimes nectar Of soul Which was pure But the cup was empty still May it learn To remain so

Crafting new Cups

Betrayed again The brim by the storm In the tea cup Or the cracks in the china By which the potter had made the cup Time and again Potter has tried To build Cups that will Stand the heat and the cold But then May be After a while Each of his creation gets Caught [...]

I fail again

I have often wondered Why do I fail in sculpting A form That defies Easy definition Trapped in mediocrity Will I give up No, how could A boatm man leave The search for wood which Will make a boat that Can survive storms And many storms

broken mirrors

truth wasn’t so difficult but i was willing to live with less but then not everyone can lie so more became imperative limits were reached rather quickly there are many ways in which one can go you chose the way lighted by the pieces of broken mirrors mounted on the lamp posts all along the [...]


Frowns were visible But where was the faith it is obvious now what was apparent months ago has surfaced like a sunk boat immersed in water for a while once waves eroded the planks, it started floating aH!!

Wind is still

Wind is still But clouds are unsettled You can say What you wish I will listen Just Listen And bear With your Frowns

munificence of meanings

the meanings went astray as i sat quietly over the stone a big dark one near the placid lake having a few trees heavily laden with creepers some having nest of weaver birds hanging on many branches soaking moist breeze under the shade your munificence has surpassed my ability to hold why are you then [...]