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Wisdom betrayed

Irony Wisdom betrayed Detachment Clothed in Devotional wrappers New signposts Are installed now Follow them and go your way We will give you a farewell And pave all the paths With love That doesn’t demand Reciprocity Or retribution Bless you

why has the tree dried

why has that tree dried from which i had collected a leaf for you not too long ago is it that the tree can not withstand the stoppage of the stream which used to nourish its roots any more, but the tree had promised itself to grow and live lest birds doent feel betrayed and [...]

truth is possible

in autumn truth is possible in spring it will become apparent any way how does one oscillate between the two seasons masking pain or pleasure is easy why is deflecting from goals so easy?

A yellow Milky Way

A yellow Milky Way Separated the two banks of the red river Black sky Green stars And white Eyes And the triangles of feelings Nothing more to say Nothing more to hear Words were sucked By the black hole Of vain desires And Successful prayers

Music of life

Once the tumour was excised The pain became lesser Poetry got better Colours clung faster To the falling drops Of dew In the silvery moon lit nights But the emptiness remained Suddenly Lightening struck Revelation occurred Pain evaporated And the frozen lake started Reverberating With the music of life

missing the march: farewell my friend

turkish delights brown chocolates walk through the desert whither your caravan move on the debris has to be cleaned let me stay back too many memories clutter my space spring has come earlier this year alvida friend be well farewell

vain expedition of healing pains

dont wake me up my dream may get shattered i had sown the seeds of reeds and some grasses hoping that you will all nourish them and when the winds will blow the music of carefree swirls of white clouds set free by the tight embrace of the dark sky will/may heal me dont/do stir [...]

hand me over to future

hand me over to future said the young beaming eyes laden with trust to an old withering dream endowed with beats of a resonating womb of wasted wry smiles or a pregnant promise do i know ( artwork by Paromita)

together we heard the beats

together we heard the beats of a reverberating life inside the spears you pierced into the fallen heroes, moistened corners of eyes you did not want to see imposing smiles on the masks, hiding the wailing wintery night as if the stars were stolen and the sky was laden with footprints of all the pilgrims [...]

lest their indifference get named

counterpoise is trying to serve the time water reflects all the fatigue of time you can lift it, if you wish bending your back, like a devotee in front of a brutal lord you pray that some body will listen to your woes but today the flow will not be tamed lest their indifference gets [...]