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Trapped walk

Toddler steps Moon drops Sun spices Trapped walk Fear of drop You sustain A crawl Don’t tell me High energy Needs a daily encounter With a water fall Ferocious yet feeble Drains and yet charges Dissolves and yet precipitates Strange are your remedies For a fallen soul Aspire to salvage the distraught And forgotten geniuses [...]

A small mattress for you

Don’t lock me out Said the spirit Of a greenish blue bird Sitting on a branch of a dry tree But how could I How could I Gates of scattered songlines Need a piano Dancing steps Bubbling smiles None of which need a reason And yet occupied as I am in the struggles Of a [...]

To Enter the world of wise fools

Want to cry In your arms Said the little boy To an old grandmother Wondered the boy Why he needed that embrace Of abandoned joy In a safety of sunshine Moon rays With no need to Reflect on the pools of brine In a salt workers farm Windmills of hopes Will run for you So [...]

Of a bud to bloom

Will you miss me Asked the old bird In a cage Of a conscience baked under dry sun Will you miss me Asked a butterfly Humming Hovering the flowers About to wither and dry But with so much to do Wrapped shirt with fallen buttons Uncreased kurtas with torn Pockets May be with a purpose [...]

To close the gap

Demanding a cover Layers of caresses Asked if this was right To close the gap Dig deep into the valleys And sweep the floor of all the dust Fallen from the walls On which you hung your paintings of Deep love Unrecognised and uncelebrated Just because moments were sought To be Trapped In safe vaults [...]

An abandoned kite

Don’t shout Said the squirrel I can hear Even when you don’t say But the frogs are going to create The beautiful music of longing In a rainy night Crickets celebrate meeting with their kind Now Is my time to shout from the housetops That I have found An abandoned kite Come and take it [...]

Lamp post so high

Don’t clap too hard Adulations dig deep Like a dagger with blunt edges You can not imagine the pain Of living under the light Of a lamp post so high So bright So convex And yet leaving dark patches of darkness Within my heart You can hide in this darkness Unexplored In awoken From the [...]

From whom should I save myself

From whom should I save myself Should I save at all I thinks savings generate fear, you are afraid of losing what you save I have no savings I cnt lose anything I m cured of fear Am I U tell me To save myself Ah,

Light is a betrayal

Cracks are inevitable If the seed has to sprout How else will coat give way Darkness is a promise Light is a betrayal Unauthorised and yet pregnant With meaning unexplored

silence is serene

silence is serene dont shout, said the little bird not knowing that she was shouting why was she not listening to herself the cleavages in the rocks of a steep climb were deep enough for a climber to fall in them but small steps, slowly prevented that now, when cliff is near why fear final [...]