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why does a pain subside,

why do moments evaporate, why does a pain subside, why do we remind ourselves when forgetting makes so much sense is it the only way, morality of moments manifest is it the only way times do test

let us reinvent the moment

if dots put apart make more sense make the ground between them green and healthy, let us keep them apart let us not let drops of water resting on the surface of a glass having cold milk merge into a stream let them evaporate before they moisten the eyelids

a moment i failed to capture

why would a moment stay put, does it not know the limits or it has decided to flow, like a whiff of fresh air but then air may cary so many ashes of so many moments dont ask breeze to pause ash will settle down in your graden, fertilize the ground and will let those [...]

glacier was still melting

resolved to damn the river before it rains glacier was still melting slowly and slowly the water was leaking from the punctured bottom of the lake

volcanic showers of stars

last night, there was a volcanic shower of stars fille dmy lake, otherwise dry with fragments of broken and full stars but then this year, there has not been rain it is drought of desires flood of sighs and overflow of an anger, of wilted tributaries of leaking channels and weeping willows