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lost mornings and dried days

blooming in the autumn may be your resolve to survive what would u know about the stressed roots devoid of water unwilling to wilt yet unable to run after lost mornings and dried days sleepy eyes and the determined mind

never to sleep again

wait, and see if the door bell evokes some response else knock again and again but not too long if the princess sleeping inside gets woken up never to sleep again let her sleep even if i return from the door empty handed

seeds of sanity

partaking a little sip from the lake of gratitude i was not sure if i should ask for more or stay still avoid inhaling the aroma of wild flowers growing all around and plant seeds of sanity in my garden unfenced untamed

when we walked in the rose garden

my accountability is to you and you alone when we walked in the rose garden amidst high hills and cloudy sky you never asked even once, why i was lost or unable to see what colour you wore and where did the rays reflected from diamonds in your earrings go but today, i remember all [...]

Till An eagle flies past

Imagine Every chemistry lab seems to be different here Same chemicals when mixed Produce very different reactions Why do they do so Why do rules change Even when The materials remain same How come clouds Don’t rain when We wish But when Sun is tired Wind is still They get tired of holding All the [...]

Our sense of significance

Why do we elevate Our sense of significance To such a height That all the necessities Get suspended And we absorb The radiance Of worn out Diamond reflections nov 4, 2012

a requiem of rainbow

a requiem of rainbow a stale silence a sullen scream why will you ask if this is what we offer to the lake that does not listen the call of silence sacrifice and stillness

Said the river

The vapours absorb All the aroma of the moist soil But my intoxication Is incomplete Without Your hesitation And my impatience Said the river