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miracles do happen a friend opened the door of this site to me, remarkable stories, but then i have always believed, miracles do happen that is only way, may be also a way, we TRust HIm met a BEE on the way home, recently an algerian born French entrepreneur, Jehade Belamri into manufacturing engineering machines, and few [...]

why not just sink then

swollen river squeezed the little space that existed between dry tall rocks guarding the gate of a dry, famished garden and made its way flooding all the edges of the indifferent passes now, wait till flood recedes or let me learn to swim but both seem not possible just now why not just sink then

A new memoryless world

Even if the black stone Has not become a shivaling to adore Worship Or embrace, The dance of destruction, Creation or sustaining These desires Has not yet begun, May be you will choose A new deity Who is more kind More merciful More patient With pleadings of an advocate Determined to win the case No [...]

Don’t steal the surprise

Sept 13 2 Don’t steal the surprise It is true I haven’t seen, the glue Which keeps your desire So strongly navigated by the crew Of the ship sailing to shore far Amidst waves not knowing How to swirl In the deep eyes Of a whorl

From the surface of the lake of wishes

I will decay So that You can make hay And the sunshine Will shower its blessings Over the path on which Drops of dew Will dance Climb two steps And descend one, Singing the songs Of Sunrays reflecting From the surface of the lake of wishes Far high in Himalayas What if all the wishes [...]

Let these seeds of my hopes Grow

Sept 15 3 Why have you come O breeze from across seven seas To trigger pains which I had learned To live with For so long Why What makes this world so strange Why do we have Layers of pain deposited In a cup of tea With lots of milk But I don’t like such [...]

All the rocks tried in vain

15 sept 1 Moss grew along The twisted banches in a moist valley Diving deep in a lake of longing I tried to scoop a few oysters But the pearls couldn’t hold the heat My palms were burned In the fire of fury That the lake emitted in the forest Burning trees, crying birds Red [...]

The longing may betray

Sept 15 2 Deep embraces Desire less braces Holding the tender tethers together Don’t walk with me On this narrow path Nothing to hold Fragile rocks Deep descent, Can I hold A falling star From the milky way In the dark blue sky Why do you say, on the sly The longing may betray The [...]

let breeze settle all outstanding dues

dont brush off fallen hairs from my shoulders these are on their way somewhere, where what is and what ought to be doesn’t matter very much let them be, after all, like the dried leaves in autumn will not they call on the port of their duty let them, dont stop them,dont keep these in [...]

should i surrender my memory at your altar

should i surrender my memory at your altar when will i know what did i lose when you erased the part of what we wrote with our fingers on a misty window pan dont recall your shouts, nor your long silences nor even the spoon in the cup of tea and the strong aroma of [...]