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treason of tremors

The traces of tremors still reverberate But the tectonic plates are not giving way Not completely Not enough Treason of tremors Has weakened the faith of feeble Fumes emanating from The burning fires Inside your barn, Will the drought this year Force you to migrate, To the not so green pastures Or will you wait [...]

denial of dew drops

Denial of dew drops May justify the Draining of the Lake Of lurking fears May be some lotus Flowers will bloom Not needing Permission any more May be May be the daffodils On the Way Will still cheer you up And take away All the strain All the dilemma Whether to partake the aroma

the late night vigil, is no more needed

the late night vigil is no more needed i have begun to sleep what if it is only for a small spell only way unwanted dreams can be kept at bay is by keeping vigil and not let simmering of sighs sway the thoughts, concerns and crippled cries of lone wolf in the jungle decrying [...]

stresses of seasons

river has claimed huge territories of melancholy silently but assertively it resists responsibility yet craves for constraints you now can decide whether to abandon the boat or let it swim through with no license to provide relief, from stresses of seasons take leave from as many reasons dont tie me with twine of expectations i [...]

Live breathe serve

when the detours of diehard river didn’t reconcile The banks had to break the promise Every time river violated their limits They rebuilt themselves River began to respect them Banks became benign Flow was smoother But the pebbles still got ground Will the silences still hound Don’t be billigerant Don’t wait Don’t imprison the hopes [...]

in the corridor of silence

when the subtle stirrings from corridor of silence inspire, why do we feel desolate, why should empty arms, not embrace all the sunshine, all the colour on the horizon, go out and reach for that elusive smile, which sustains the hopes, of a shooting star

no lamp post needed

finding a way is not easy i have always faltered but there are ways which took me to places unknown moments not experienced breaths not heard and i liked it there it was all in mind there were no lampost needed

a bowl of promises, vain ones

will u accept sacrifice o Mother Kaali, of a defeated soul? will you let me offer my drained dreams or a bowl of promises brimming over with froth of unkept words why do you not accept just myself as i am or as i was or as i want to be

worm eaten memories

slowly, seemingly silent, the stirrings in the deep well of soul are traumatising but the resolution is well timed if the silverfish had eaten all the pages of the old diary nothing would have remained as witness of the worm eaten memories but their grace has left enough signs of what happens when i betray [...]