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why are we alone

no, if every body understood what i am thinking at that moment, i may be thrown out of corridor of concern and compassion let some thing remain un-understood no hatred, no anger no revenge not because it is not natural but because it consumes the energy which i need to placate my inner self no, [...]

why will i wait so long

why will i wait for so long when teh sunset passed one after another and the ray of light remained elusive the one on which would have ridden the queen of quietitude and flown me away in the abyss of nothingness

dont blame me

dont blame me why the cold pack is not cool enough why does the pain hurt so much why do i talk to my friends in your presence why shoudl i rather do such thing behind you, why should i be honest why should honesty hurt

trade off

can we trade off any thing, any one, een the one whose presence in the world began through our indulgence. what if the pleasures of the world take away ring of authenticity and leave behind scars of sighs sighs deep sullen silent sighs