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The light fell just the right way

That day The light fell just the right way From the window sills Illuminating the face on the side You had shown me Without any tear Ever But the other side did Have the signs of dried tears You couldn’t contain How could you have

Why have you resolved

Oct 2&2 2011 O ma kaali Why have you resolved To extinguish the fire In which I wanted to burn Slowly Rather smoulder May be one day the Stench of the half burned body Would have reminded you Of the virtue of raining Your mercy On the living corpses What else is the State of [...]


aarav it is very strange that your elders see your future in absence of wholesome kindness graciousness and nurturance some day you will know that despite a river of flowing love you were denied the access to its shores but we will accept you always, no matter where you are no matter what you are [...]

stay away as far as possible

when i do ask you to come to my door find an excuse dont come, stay away as far as possible lest my devotion prayers and submission invoke your piety you become compassionate O Ma Kaali and then grant my prayers what will sustain my inadequacy then what will make me crazy and how will [...]