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pashano ka hriday bhed, nadiya bah gayi,

pashano ka hriday bhed, nadiya bah gayi, kisee kinarey ki alochana ki parwah bina, jaaney wo lahar kya keh gayi jab tak main poochhata, ek ke baad ek kinoron ko tod, wo jheel bani ab usmey kamal jo khiley, unhey kya main poojata

patience was renamed as perseverance,

when the patience was renamed as perseverance, the steps of a stair became wings of a bird it flew all the night till it was tired took rest under a tree which was shaken by heavy rain it seems she sensed its shaking roots and flew again the bird is flying endlessly but the tree [...]

whose silence was swallowed by whose words,

whose silence, was swallowed by whose words, who knows, but does it matter, when the sounds of the silly stirrings of a breeze went astray, collided with waves of untamed sea, witness was worried, will he have to record the collision, he melted quietly in the misty air, you have inhaled his spirit, let him [...]

bahut kareeb se mat deklhieye

bahut kareeb se mat deklhiey is khat ko, ho sakta hai bantey waqt jo kamiya reh gayi thi kagaj mein, wo dikh jayeyn majmoon to padha nahin jayey par kagaj ki timardari mein samay gujar jayey aayieye thoda door chaley aankhon par lagey chashmey ki dhool utarey, thoda aankhey maley, jo dikh raha hai, kabool [...]

in an island in the sea,

breaking boundaries, brought a river in spate, but then did it care if some lost their place, i am quietly standing, like a rock, which will be pulverized sooner or later, and then will you be able to locate the dust you liked in an island in the sea, hazy, hesitant but visible nevertheless

not every seeker got what she wanted at your door yet people seek answers to their quest why not put up a sign board outside seekers are invited to face silence and yet answers will be sought, may be the journey is the answer

no road ever told,

no road ever told, where will it turn, nor did i ask when she fused into a misty nowhere, but then now that it is the morning, and the jumbled hairs are lying outside your window, you must have tried hard to disentangle your hairs night last night,

kuchh muskarao to baat ko bananey ka mauka to miley

kuchh muskurao to hotho ko thoda dabao to kuchh baat aagey badey kuchh muskaro to jindagi mein kai baar aisa bhi to hua hoga, kuchh kaha aur kuchh suna hoga thoda usko dohrao to baat aagey badey thoda muskaro to tum khamosh wahan door tak nigahey failao kuchh dekho aur kuchh mujehy mere bheetar dikhlao [...]

shiv se naarajagi ki kuchh baatchit

medha ne janm diya, man ki meemansa ko, urwashi ne udwalit kiya, hridaya ki aakanksha ko, manthan bahut hua, leheron ne palko kochhua, vishpaan karey kaun, is par bahut dandwa hua, shiv ne phir yeh kaam kiya, devo ka uthan kiya, vidambana to dekho lekin, murta bana vish ke wahak ko, shakti upasak satta ne, [...]

why do sleepy eyes still keep awake

why do i still keep awake while eyelids seem to show the load they carry is it just to learn or keep avoiding the moment when one has no choice but to surrender in her arms that dissolve the barriers between sleep and awakened self