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I don’t know who is playing with whom

When I play with little mice Who change their appearance every now and then I don’t know who is playing with whom But it is sure that They don’t mean that their antics will Always be understood Because even they don’t know why they Do what They do always

Resonance Of resoluteness

Dot ask me why Have I yearned for the rays of a setting sun To fall in my courtyard Do they have a possibility of shedding the colours Which I am in love with Or is it just that It is cooler When sun sets Lines below the eyes don’t look dark enough If only [...]

To stop the essence of essentiality

When you watered the new seedlings Of shoe flower and the marigold In the community garden Who knew the fragrance of those flowers Will permeate all the walls we had created To stop the essence of essentiality Flowing through the city Full of strangers

The shores have complained to the sea

The shores have complained to the sea I did not pay enough attention to them But when did I do that Why are these expectations arising now When I am on the verge of relinquishing The charge of the garden In which lots of flowers grew All these while But a butterfly changed every thing [...]

seeds will blossom one day

When you fell a few times You got up and walked afresh Not bothering too much about the Precariousness of the balance With which The time was hinged on the pivot You will still walk, Run and go alone one day Under the sun Beyond the clouds Hand in hand, we will walk And then [...]

silent, sad, surrealitic sights

I have not known how long we have Seen the shadows of Silent, sad, and surrealistic sights Of time and tide Wait for the waves to settle the debts of sand on the shore For having absorbed all the pain All these years Without complaining, When will there be a monument built In honour of [...]

some day, some how, some where, no matter you say

20 march 2010 When the curtains can’t hold the truth From peering through the windows What do you really do, close the window, draw the curtain or just tear these apart let the rays of naked sun come through because moon is too shy to admit the transgressions of life are not like a progress [...]

detours of desires

detours of desires are not the pathways on which one ever finds peace that beguiles and lulls one to assume that the end is near, the fire is now determined to consume all the leftover memories that were the seeds of my poems delete them, lest they envelop the air which we breathe and so [...]