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when the dry leaves fly away

when the dry leaves fly way and i just stare at them slowly getting scattered with the wind, some particles will get stuck in your hairs some will pierce the thin partition that separates the courtyard from my inner room having a loud speaker on which music of yester years plays loudly

did i hurt you ever

did i hurt you ever even when you had sliced the time your own way  i followed  all your commands till you decided that i needed to swallow all the pride i had but then i had nothing left, what was i good for then

i still hope that miracles will happen

i still hope that miracles will happen you will realize the folly of driving your car by looking into the rear view mirror or by taking cues from those  sitting in the rear what do i do, if i dont change my path i will let you go in circles without ever finding out the [...]

when balloons started descending downwards

when balloons started descending downwards i jumped at them wanted  to catch them, i forgot that in the meanwhile i had grown up but why shoudl groing up mean\ not being able to catch balloons

arav 10

you grew a year more without being in sync with our nature without absorbing the generosity of time which is testing our intentions and integrity but then being in our thoughts and dreams, can we forget even for a moment how spending hardly  few minutes togther,  is the price we have paid for what near [...]