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dont knock, says the shadow of a grave

don’t knock, says the shadow of a grave i will not give way even if you remove all the weeds around the place do not tell me, i have to understand and anticipate what is that which you crave dont knock, says the shadow of a grave i have seen it all with equifinality, certitude [...]

when the rain is about to come

when the rains is about to come clouds gather to disperse just as the dust rises when herds of cattle return home and then abandons her journey and embraces the earth will i also now settle down to allow termites to do their job disintegrate me so that next seed you sow grows in fertile [...]

stability is suspect

stability is suspect when the quiver of lips holds the key to the door of deep valleys of desires but then closer you get, the diatances multiply and engulf the arms, the substance of sterile longings becomes the chalk with which you write on black board of destiny

Deewaron mein dararon mein,

  Deewaron mein dararon mein, bina seemaon ke majhdharon mein Tum ne liya hai janam, o, jiddi pedh ab aur mat badho,  kahin rahi kuchi deewar bhi na toot jayey Chhat to hai nahin, Ek bhram angan ka na mit jayey Kuchh yaadein garbh mein hi so jayey To achha hota hai Unki jadey agar [...]

do not wish away the burden of better times

do not wish away the burden of better times do not erase the claism of forgotten chimes of a temple far away Kali was upset that you had prayed there too often in past her sense of fairness will compel her to answer my wish but will she be happy that i prayed

morning may remind

while reading the “the atlas of an impossible longing” i was amazed as to why did tongue always went where the tooth ached as the author roy averred and then realized, may be she had seen how the memoryscape  always revealed those peaks which had remained unassailed in mind or  otherwise