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did it matter

did it matter whether i waited or went away the river did not stop flowing nor the banks gave way what if some waves lost their way and started appearing in my eyes but then no body saw them when they overflew

ideas for revival of economy –1

Six lakh ideas   Anil K. Gupta Posted: Feb 25, 2009 at 0353 hrs IST   Related Stories: Micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) are hit hard by the global recession. Large numbers of workers have been laid off. A sector providing so much employment cannot be left to fend for itself; it needs [...]

The Upside of the Worst of Times : amar bhide

 why downturn in economy may be a good time for innovation found this post by amar very interestinga nd relevant for present time with compliments to amar The Upside of the Worst of Times Amar Bhidé is the Glaubinger professor of business at Columbia Business School and author of “The Venturesome Economy.” About 20 years [...]

a bird is awake too early

i got up suddenly a bird started chirping too early in the morning as if sun had risen early or may be she forgot to tell me some thing last night she will not be at rest till she told me and then when i got up and wanted to listen she would not tell [...]

when i cant give enough

when i cant give enough and you would not resist enough to accept the exchange gets stuck who will then dare gift what he only believes  will be given just for asking, but is that why it is not valuable enough?

when the roads merge

when the roads merge and the sky bends who cares if the winds blow this side or the other so long as we know dried leaves will be blown away to nourish roots of some new saplings planted by some one in memory of the tulips that were offered at the altar

struggles that dont agitate

women dont struggle in vain not when they are alone even if they  have to be ressucitated every time their bodies are  about to give up their spirit has endured for centuries negotiations  around empty spaces

kabra ko sajao, lekin besabri na uski shaksiyat ho

bahut door se chal kar aaya hun suno tumharey paas tum mujhey thoda aur waqt to do, kuchh kaam baaki hai, unhey bhi nibta lun aaj kabra ko sajao, lekin besabri na uski shaksiyat ho, chian se so jaunga, jab mujhey usme dafan karegi duniya lekin jo ped ugega us par, uski shakhon se kuchh [...]

waisey meiney ibadat mein kabhi kami nahin ki hai

waisey meiney ibadat mein kabhi kami nahin ki hai teri mohaabat mein jamaaney ko badalney  ki justaju ki hai tu agar mujh par meharbaan ho bhi jayey, to aey khuda mainey to sada dard ke kajal se nasihat li hai aaknon ko kabhi nam na karunga yeh kya bas  ek vada tha, arey muskurahat ko [...]

jee karta hai gehri neend mein so jaun

jee karta hai gehri neend mein so jaun peepal ki parchhai ki tarah teri god mein kho jaun lekin jindagi itni aasan bhi to nahin ho sakti ssaasno ki khusboo se seeenchu main apna chaman tum bhulo ya na bhulo kuchh bhi lekin main kaash sab kuchh sada ke liyey bhul jaaun