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i had lost my will to paint

i had lost my will to paint and all the paints had dried then one day i got up and saw all blank canvases painted afresh who had painted these and why what is the purpose of filling these blans with colour will there be a new spring will the white lillies be diplayed outside [...]

as if the rain would have mattered

there was a drought for so long when teh dark clouds gathered we all celebrated rain was round the corner some even ploughed the field some softened the seeds some could barely restraun their heartbeat the memory of smell of the first rain was already making them mad i am mad any way

when you are tired

i did not sleep last night and it is late already today why am i awake when i am so tired is it to celebraate the exhaustion so that mind can be at rest\ when drained of will aspirations and dreams

like a tree in bloom

like a tree in bloom some time you seem so close to the sea full of vigour and enthusiasm and some times you look like a placid lake, feeling dissipated, i pray every day that you get all the lost energy churn your sea and take out all the nectar give me the poison and [...]

do i stand still and be sure

when heat brings out the colours on face unblemished the shadows find it difficult to remain untouched you were not sure if i would be able to remain aloof but i have hesitated in asserting my rights the shadows have become longer it is evening time will u just go away and leave me to [...]

ek baar phir badalon ko bhram hua

ek baar phir badalon ko bhram hua kuchh kshana stabdh rahey aur phir hawaon ke saath unka sara ka sara aham yuhin uda ab unko mat roko jaaney do kisee bandh se mat bandho kisee apeksha ke beej mat boney ki koshish karo kartavyao ko nirwah nirvighn karo hawaon ko failney do aoney swapno ko [...]

feel blessed

feel blessed who knows when will the spring come, summer is already here enjoy the heat the ability of clouds to beat the breeze and its desire to take them away even when their job is to provide shade on the young faces standing under the sun in quest of a happy turn

tum khush raho, kisee chinta ke bina, aankhey moond lo

tum khush raho, kisee chinta ke bina, aankhey moond lo jo bhi ho ashanka kal ki, usey aatey mein jirey ki tarah goond lo jeevan mein aankhey neechi rakho man nirmal kar, taron mein apni  glani parkho aakash sahaj ho, chhaya dey tum aisi rah ke kadvey falo ko, baar baar chakho man ko nirmal [...]

how do we strive

how do we strive how do we hive off the share of pain that belongs to others and make it our own after all only when we aborb the pain we become a sponge we absorb more than we often release let us strive to be a sponge of serenity

do not spare me, Kaali Ma

do not spare me, Kaali Ma i opened the door of your temple when u asked me to keep them closed may be you wished only deserving ones to see you but what could have i done being undeserving myself i broke the rule let me be punished let me not be your doorman do [...]