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when i tried to tell

when i tried to tell it was not enough the words, prose or poem went astray the guard asked me to pay the tax to enter the house once mine, but i had empty pockets with no desire to count what i never could ind, the curency of care, concern and compassion had taken its [...]

when will you say, it is the end of the day

when will you say, it is the end of the day the spring is far away and the work is really without pay when will you say that life was useful and the mistakes were meaningful you can now sit back rest and retire let the smells of roses lure the bee share the honey [...]

a handful of flour

why should i ask you to contribute a  handful of flour, instead of larger contribution, asked he, the walker on the thorny path. He then replied, lest i beocme too dependent on those who contribute mounds and thus start influencing the minds.

festival is over

festival is over rich menus and richer were the eaters i am sure that some were the beaters of the drum outside telling whole world about what we did not know that taste is not the tether and we should really bother about life and its lost meanings who knows when will we have the [...]

i lured the squirrels in my garden

with little berries i lured the squirrels in my garden did not mind when sparows came why will i bother about the intrusion by babblers now that i have squandered all the bread cat comes and asks her share what can i give her i have no bread but then i have the spirit and [...]

morning meditations

morning meditations on deeper meanings can only demonstrate what we wish to know but cannot know, for our search is often punctuated by unwillingness to be surprised

unbound, unasked, and unsuspected

wonderful thought may be time has wrought a small idol of peace let it adorn your window today who knows when will it shine by the rays of morning unbound, unasked, and unsuspected of singing songs of delight

sunrise today

why is the light so delightful today has sun given way to its insistence to shower glow without its fury of heat or is it just the dew’s delusion to survive in the lap of hopes which are nourished by meandering river may be the stones have been wrought as if the time has sought [...]

commitment is not easy, but concern is

commitment is not easy, but concern is the journey is tough but the retreats are relaxing why should revisiting be easier and designing new paths  be so tough is it the uncertainty which makes it complex or the lack of readiness for surprise that takes it toll   let me ask myself, what would i love [...]

seeking solace in sun dried shadows

seeking solace in sun dried shadows does not last for ever listen my friend, look at the past when imprints of your trust had shrunken the path ahead ship will sail again, sails have rested still on the faltering mast