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Tulsi 15 : stretching the thread

while wrapping you with a thread i strteched it too hard i was trying to be frugal i lost the end today when you shiver in cold i do not know whether to ask you to shrink or let me stretch the thread

and be quiet

may be sit on the steps of a temple and be quiet who knows which whiff  of the air may bring old sweet smiles talks and the murmurs of hers back in front of your eyes before the mundainities take over and suppress the bud of hopeful smile that  would spring now may be not [...]

tulsi 14- will u bear with cold tonight

will u bear with cold tonight or just wither away shrivel and withdraw your spirit and then die i can cover you with a shawl kashmiri shawl ensure that your leaves do not fall but then every one who passes by will know i tried to hide but and could not  restrain had to ultimately [...]

ek subah ab aur intzaar kaise karey

ek subah ab aur intzaar kaise karey kisee ki yaad ka aitbaar kaise karey tum yadi mujhko yeh saza do, to hai manjoor lekin kisee aur ke hathon jahar sweekar koi kaisey karey mujhey bharosa hai tum par, yahi to meri kamjori hai koi maney ya na maney, lekin gunhaon ka karobar koi kasiey karey [...]

Tulsi 12: The leaves of yours need to be spread

Tulsi 12 Look, do not ask Why the tired gate Of hers indicates the Story of past When she traveled long distance To reach the lighthouse Only to learn that the ship had changed its course Now the ship has anchored in her Preferred yard The leaves of yours need to be spread All around [...]

Tulsi 11: Will the stains of my sins Be washed by the dew

Tulsi 11 The storm was strong Uprooting many trees And laying the foundation Of a uncovered breach In the heart of a bridge That connected the world here And there, I still come to you To  pour water at sun rise And pray, Will the stains of my sins Be washed by the dew That [...]

Tulsi 10: Do not ask me to tell Why am I so still

Tulsi 10 shall I put some leaves In the charanamrat That the priest will offer When I will pass away Soon From this world Unsung and quietly The body will take time To be dissolved but the spirit is ready To escape Into the jungle of divine Light And the bushes Of basil Do not [...]

Tulsi 9: When there will be barbed wire around you

Tulsi 9 You scatter your seeds So generously Around Ask me if I find peace Under your shade And like a small squirrel I just raise my head Look around Smile and rush to pick some Seeds and take These to my burrow For the day When there will be barbed wire around you After [...]

Tulsi 8: Would have become a speck of light soil

Tulsi 8 The stream is a bit muddy The tillers have ploughed the land You, growing on the road side Do not care Because my tears Irrigate your roots Every day When I come to ask you Why did you leave me Like this, A stone unbroken Comes in the way, till The tiller picks [...]