should all lines in life be straight

we walked
so what if we had no answer
to the questions asked
by roots uprooted, lying forlorn
on the roadside
why did you not find a way
of going around us
is it so diffcult to find a curved path
should all lines in life be straight

do i expect too much

do i expect too much
do i deny too little
why should a weave be so difficult
why should a design be so inaccessible

let us have a laugh
shared folly
dared molly
no that is not an answer
let us smile
reduce mutual expectations
and be around
for a while

the shadows became longer

when the shadows became longer
the lights feeble
i wasnot sure
if the time for closing eyeys and rest was at hand
but then lightening in the sky
woke me up
and the silly smell of withering leaves
reminded me how dreams falter
how some simmerings of wasted years aletr
the path ahead

wish you were there, just there

wait, if you can
before it rains
wiping all the marks of warm breath
on the glass of your window
but does it matter

after all, the patient pulverised plot
of your garden
has been waiting for so long
for the seeds to grow
which we had gathered
from the slopes of the mountains
that are witness to the prayers
still in the air
mediation is on
be there, if you can, just be there