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your paintings

unless i get old you can’t get young what a paradox but if this is the a price for accessing the gallery of your paintings healthy walk along the lake then so it be Amen!


Like a sea weed Floating on the surface Of deep water I have Now Seen How beluga whale Lives through the arctic water Cold water Warm company Paradoxes of parity

Tainted glass

When you spoke harsh I kept quiet But when you are amiable I will stay quiet All the years Of silence must be reckoned Lest We are unable to Keep track of time Tongue And tainted Glass Behind which you used to hide When in pain

Will stay still

Dont touch me Said the river I will stay still And then river wouldn’t be there I stopped short Banks were broken River was in flood But now It was my turn To stay still

And roses on the highway

He is a good boy Imaginative Impulsive And at times Impatient But He is a very good boy He will not care for any courtesy Why hang it on your window When You have the courage to make love in the open That’s how He defines life Unmindful of any rules That come in the [...]