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why did i lose my way

why did i lose my way last night while gathering fallen flowers under a jasmine bush was i taken in by the aroma that refreshed me in the past or was i beguiled by the beauty of vanishing vapors from a cauldron of creativity was it the desire to escape the boundaries of beholden beliefs [...]

into the forbidden space

why should we explore the ground Maa Kaali which you decided to consign to the care of some snakes and tortoise who knows why would they let some flies come close some lilies to flower and some lilies to suppose the fear of reaching out to unknown meadows slipping on the moist grass to fathom [...]

no firewood unburnt in the fireplace

there are no traces of amber no spark no firewood unburnt in the fireplace yet you expect fire to warm you in cold wintery night let fluffy snow pave the way of those who seek stars to light the way so that when they fall down they are not hurt the roads are now covered [...]

an exhausted inanity

failed vanity exhausted inanity message lost, fire extinguished the journey is ephemeral dont search ambers in the ash warmth is in the eyes which are going to close now leaving a trail of tears dont let them dry lest the pathways are created for shadows to creep inside

a coffee less bitter

a hard knock on failing the test over and over again i lost the fire and no matter how much firewood i put in the hearth fire does not get ignited any more is it your curse for not respecting the need to fuel the fire i had ignited that day may be i deserve [...]

saw the butterflies again

saw the butterflies again did not know that they were trapped in your eyes and no weeds could have claimed the right to host them alone exclusively but now they have returned and i don’t need ”seeds of weeds” any more i dont think weeds are ever there to each according to one place under [...]

will you lend a helping hand

will you lend a helping hand she asked when i can no longer listen or learn remember or forget will you still be upset because your towel is not in its place or handkerchief is not in the bag but that wouldn’t be possible for me track are we worth the tasks we do are [...]

let us swallow the poison

peace dawned when i asked myself am i searching that immense source of light, the sun or a sun swirling madly, may be a bit too passionately, seeking to churn, hoping that the nectar will emerge but also poison who will get what does not matter let us swallow the poison lest it reaches some’s [...]

in vain, always in pain

when breaths take hold of the tether of tensions produced by the extended hopes who uses whom does not matter can indeed any one use the being or the nothingness as is wont why should we lose faith and have anxiety over the fear that we are a pawn in the hands of those who [...]

no bridge of breaths

rain does not soak just like that one has to absorb through every pore the vapours must dissolve all the obstacles in the way, once the way is cleared the soaking begins but then if boundaries dissolve one does not know what was soaked by whom it is all fluid no medium no river no [...]