Washed in the morning dew

Washed in the morning dew
You somehow really knew
Why will a star cry
Crave for a leaking sky
Now soak me in the bubbles
Wipe away all the troubles
I will swim and draw out no doubt,,
The pearls from your lake, with sparkling sprouts

I will bear it too

I will bear it too
No matter how many
Times banks give way
Flooded fields show your fury
But I have packed bags to emigrate
This is your way
To keep me agile
So what if I can not be
With my roots
Even for a while

Mother Kaali
Don’t be furious
If I can’t be as compassionate as you are
Don’t give up on me
- a work in progress
Sooner than later
I will realise
You had no preference
While giving birth to your children
They were all equally entitled to
Suckle at your breasts
Who am I to discriminate
Who I m to kill or destroy
The order you spawned
Please forgive me
I m trying
We are trying

Forgive o Kaali

Erasing beautiful memories
Is not easy
Is it even necessary
Why can’t we let these become manure
Lose their form, flavour and finite destiny
Let them die to evolve
Into a promising peak
Of devotion
But with complete Surender
And dissolution to Her wish

submit, i submit

i submit
O Ma Kaali
with no regrets or complaints
how do you forgive my
so often
so big
why does your blessing like a sky
engulf all haughty rocks of my ego
why are you able to dissolve
in your breast milk
all the sweetness
of the nectar honey bees collect
in the world

Sailing together

Sailing together
Waves untamed
Why are you anxious
Lighthouse is unnamed
Time to flow
Breath too slow
Let the shore abandon
All its claims

broken shells are here, for you to decorate

collect all the shells
broken and fragmented
from my shore
may be they can decorate your door
or a sill
but wait till
i decide to close the window
and sleep quietly
may be i will not get up
for long
may be i will
who knows when dreams are auctioned
like never before

Evaporate all the humility

Evaporate all
The humility
Ego alone is sedimented
Not letting even art be shared widely
What a vanity
Like a parasitic creeper
Claiming victory over the host
May the bubble burst slowly
May the creeper bid bye
May live long your goodness
Why ask
Why tell

loops of love

it is not easy
to sort out
the tangled web of wool
worn around your knitting needles
call them loops of love
dont be impatient
dont rush
lest these become knots
slowly untangle
slowly breathe
very slowly

side by side, lying we saw that falling star

side by side, lying
we saw that falling star
was there for a minute
and then was swallowed by
a black hole of hopes
dont despair
whatever goes away
comes back
may be the spouts of its dust
will blossom in million new stars
when your eyes glow
and are compelled to show
the bare truth, and only bare glow