Mechanics of life

yantravat jeevan na ho is liyey main jeeta Hun,

koi swapn paley is liye gum Peeta Hun
har sans mein koi swapn paley is liye gum Peeta Hun

The cave is covered with snow

Aroma of that forest,
forbidden fruits,
dripping sap from a tree,
the bees humming,
will honey trap the bear,
or the berries will suffice,
don’t know,
the cave is covered with snow

Letter not posted

Sweat of all the labour,
poise and pause indeed is not a favour;
glory of a rising star,
may you bear with all the smoke & tar;
so what if some words not kept,
have not the guards for years not slept;
let the wars be won, even if battles r lost,
this is a letter, dare I really post?

the unheard cries

when the pains dont perish
dont make wrinkles on the forehead
a fetish
let the river meander
let waves rejoice in
the death of all bubbles
let horses graze on stubbles
of sighs
let us hear, at least now, the unheard cries

Zone of nothingness

In the zone of nothingness
I just let time
Pass through
Hoping the holes in my heart
Will become a flute

Flight cancelled, #poetry


Not knowing next
Slow stirrings of queue
Forget the fast track
Absorb the caterpillar’s dreams

#flight cancelled #in wait #poetry #ger…

In the silent sky

On way back from Bonn via Frankfurt

Long wait
In the silent sky
Will it rain or not
Hesitant cloud
River in spate
Will the Rock be same…

Shades little shy
Dint ask me, why
The silence pervades
Will the mynah cry?