despite the storm inside

hold me, before i disintegrate,
said that little voice
but the weave of the shawl
is stronger
it will not be swayed
by the strong wind
and heavy rain
stay there
the storm inside

dissolve all knots

why should i
not just dissolve
all the knots
that remained
unresolved so far
dont tie me
into more now

a cave of curiosity

did i complain ever
for your saying no
but i also did not relent in my pursuit
of affirmation,
even if assertively
and obstainetly
the rock refised to give way
to the stream of tears
that were draining
a lake of my own creation

the cave of curious
but concerned desires

is it necessary to ask

dont ask
i will have a good reason
not to answer
but then why should we ask at all
why can’t we understand
can not silence be our code language


soaked in the shower of your grace

last night
i was soaked sufficiently
in the shower of your grace
wet, but dry inside
was hoping to be punctured
by your pungency
oozing from every pore,
the molten lawa paved the path
on which i wanted you to walk
to reach
wherever you wanted
now or in future

pebbles that made me pause

Did not gather all The pebbles
That hurt my feet while walking
Some were pushed aside
Some lay buried there
And some still haunt me

May be they made me pause
I could see only then
A white flower In a green dark bush

solitary cloud

i will give you a small gift
some thing you may not cherish, or you may
some thing you might consider trivial,
but for that you will have to close eyes, become quiet
and imagine that sky is not only blue, vast,
but also has a solitary cloud
that is lost, aimlessly wandering,
wondering if it will rain
where it should not,

or not rain at all


should wind stop

despite all the expanded arms
clouds were not sure
if he will hold all the drops
that will shower
should wind stop